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Curved Saw

Bahco Traditional Curved Saw – 4211-14-6T


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Bahco Traditional Curved Saw

The shape of this Curved Saw blade will slice into the branch on the back stroke of the cut. Best for cutting above shoulder height.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

This is a good Traditional Saw from Bahco with a natural wood handle, these saws work on the back stroke of the cut while your pulling the saw towards yourself. The curved design really works best whilst your pruning above your shoulder, the saw cuts into the wood quickly and efficiently as it use’s the blades curvature to bite into wood whilst your also pulling it down & backwards.

Its a very good alternative to some of the more expensive saws.

Top Tip

After use each day tap the saw dust off the blade, clean with water, dry then lubricate with Wurth Ultra 2040

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