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Japanese Secateurs

Fantastic Okatsuna Secateurs, Okatsuna a leading brand from Japan are made from the highest quality high carbon steel for consistent sharp & clean pruning cuts. This model is for smaller sized hands where the KST103  is for larger hands.

Okatsuna Secateurs

Okatsuna only make the highest quality pruning equipment for those that demand the best from their garden tools and want the reassurance they will continue to do so for many years to come.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

This are simply wonderful Secateurs to use, lighter than the well known brand but with ultra strong, sharp blades made from the highest quality steel. I have been seriously impressed by these  which have such a simple design, very positive cutting action and contoured handles which give a very sure but comfortable grip.

The Secateurs have red & white handles making they very distinctive so much easier to spot if you do happen to put them down. The spring is of a different design to most other Secateurs giving a much smoother feel, with less resistance which will mean less fatigue for the operator.

The catch being on the bottom of the handles is out of your way, while pruning with these there is much less chance of it engaging accidentally while using this pair of Secateurs also it won’t go stiff making it difficult to operate like make other makes.

These Secateurs are simply brilliant, an essential item for a keen gardener or as a wonderful present to someone who really appreciates tools  of this quality.


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