Silky Pruning Saw Gomtaro 300mm


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Gomtaro Pruning Saw 300 mm

A beautiful straight bladed Silky Pruning Saw for fast rapid cutting mainly below shoulder height with a good length blade and a very useful plastic sheaf to protect the blade from damage and to allow you to clip it to your belt.

Silky Pruning Saws

Silky Produce some of the best fixed non folding Pruning Saws that money can buy in both straight and curved designs once again very good Japanese tools.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

A great straight bladed Silky Pruning Saw perfect for working in the garden, in a orchard or mainly with larger trees this works extremely quickly and efficiently mainly below shoulder height but can easily be used for all your larger pruning work.

The teeth not only cut quickly but also clear the debris from the cutting grove making life for the user much easier. At 300 mm in length this Pruning Saw can easily deal with some quite large branches some times avoiding the use of a chainsaw with the extra benefits of no noise or fumes.



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