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Clipping Season

Bahco Topiary Shears.

We are now well into Clipping Season with a good flush of new growth that needs trimming as a result of a wet winter and a very warm Spring. This mid season clip could well be argued to be the most important of the year especially if your developing a new shape or restoring an old one. Clipping now mean’s the plant will side shoot and and thicken but continuing to develop height, this is great to fill in a shape like a head or a dip /hollow caused by previous bad clipping or no clipping at all. If you do need to fill in a hollow then every time you clip leave just a third or less of the new growth on. Leave any more and you will gain the height without the density you require for Topiary. To help you clip we have a wide range of shears of different quality and price whether your a Professional Topiarist, employed gardener or just enjoy clipping in your own space. Have a look at my Arthur & Strange Opinions on each shear and if your still not clear which one is right for you then we are happy to advise email me on

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Green Spring

Nisaku Hori Hori Knife

After a very wet winter, the recent spell of good weather has really brought on all the plants in our gardens and everywhere there are wonderful shades of green.

Not to be out done we are busy updating our website & online shop with new pictures plus lots of really lovely new products for you all to enjoy and help clip and shape all that new growth.

We are adding extra products from our existing brands like Bahco, Okatsuna & Darlac plus just to mix it up a bit we are adding new products from new brands we haven’t stocked before from Nisaku & Kamaki both high quality Japanese manufactures we are glad to stock following our testing of their products.

Why not revisit our updated site or if your a new visitor please enjoy seeing what we have to offer you!

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Its spring the new garden season is with us and because of the virus we are all spending far longer in our gardens than we normally do! With all the current Plant Fairs and Garden Shows cancelled until further notice why not check thru our products online which we will post out to you.

We offer lots of great tools and sundries to make gardening easier for you and they are all recommended by me using my 37 years of Professional gardening experience to take the guessing game out of choosing the right tool for you and those of a good quality.

If your still not sure which tools to get then drop me an email, telling me what tasks you have planned and i will be more happy to advise you.