About Arthur & Strange

Andrew Tolman

Arthur & Strange Ltd has been created from a passion for quality gardening tools developed over my current 37 years as a Professional Gardener and Topiarist. I strongly believe that no one manufacturer makes the best of everything hence why I don’t stock one brand. I use my knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for great kit to purchase, try, test and evaluate either tools I think are worth looking at or others that have been recommended to me.

I am also here to help, advise  and guide you thru the minefield of what kit is worth purchasing and what isn’t. So if your unsure of what you need, what brand to purchase or whether you need high carbon or stainless steel blades for example drop me a line and I will guide you thru it. There really is some great kit out there that will make your life easier and your gardening a pleasure rather than a chore.

I am lucky enough to have worked in some lovely gardens including Highgrove for HRH 11 years as a Senior Gardener where I developed my Topiary skills and a love for the wonderful tools associated with this art form. I  have since been self employed for 7 years in July this year, 2020.  I now work for many private clients from Devon right up to Shropshire and I am lucky I still very much love my job I started when I was 16.

The name for my business is rather quirky arriving from my Mothers side of the family, my Granny first married a Mr Strange and when he sadly passed away she remarried a Mr Arthur hence Arthur & Strange I thought it had a nice ring about it and continues the use of historic surnames of generations before me. I also noted there are quite a few Gardening company’s with double names like ……. & …….. and felt it had a good sense of traditional values and customer service often some what missing in today’s modern world.

Arthur & Strange Ltd is based in the West Country between the Moor and the Sea on the edge of Exmoor National Park using the colour of the heather clad hills within the packaging that our products will be dispatched in. We are a small family business based on my past experience and on my current daily use of  Secateurs, Pruning Saws, Trowels and other tools & sundries. I have been a member of the Professional Gardeners Guild for 16 plus years and the European Boxwood & Topiary Society for 12 plus years.

The new business is a real family affair with Ross Hayes ( my oldest stepson) creating and maintaining the website, Tom Hayes ( my middle step son) creating all the images and videos and Emily Hayes ( my step daughter) responsible for packing the products for dispatch.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Tolman.