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The Generous Gardener Plant Fair Friday 23rd of March.

Come and see us at the Coach House garden plant fair this Friday the 23rd of March in Ampney Crucis near Cirencester from 10 am to 1 pm, the chance to see this lovely Cotswold garden along with a superb personally selected group of nurseries selling lots of wonderful plants and don’t forget Arthur & Strange’s great range of garden tools, sundries and helpful advice.

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Jakoti added to the product list of Arthur & Strange Ltd;

Jakoti Hand Shears made in Greece, originally created for shearing sheep have many Horticulture uses. These small shears by  Jakoti are brilliant for clipping of Topiary and the cutting down of perennials after their first flush of flowering to encourage new growth and a 2nd flowering. Perfect for cutting down your Lavender.

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Silky Saws now stocked by Arthur & Strange Ltd

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Arthur & Strange Ltd has recently added three Silky Saws to its range of pruning & garden tools, these are the top choice for many Professional Gardeners up & down the country. These Japanese saws are made from High Carbon steel giving great strength, very sharp cutting edges, prolonged use of life with great design and the ability to change the blade instead of replacing the whole saw once blunt. Check out Arthur & Strange’s choice of Silky Saws in the shop area of the website.

Aside to saws Silky also produce a range of other great pruning, coppice & lopping tools to deal with a wide range of garden and countryside management tasks, check out the new Silky Yoki that we are also stocking a wonderful tool for dealing with brash, coppicing and the traditional laying of hedges.

You can find out more information by going directly to Silky fox: