Arthur & Strange Bespoke Topiary

Topiary – Garden Structure

0ne of my many passions in gardening is Topiary which can play a very important part if not vital in giving a garden good structure during the summer season whilst maintaining interest and giving your garden a different dimension during the winter months with the effect of low Winter sun, long shadows, sprinkled with either frost or snow for extra effect.

Thus I intend to develop over time a small but bespoke range of interesting pieces for sale, some in the traditional genus’s of Buxus (box) & Taxus (Yew) and the often forgotten Phillyrea. I am also looking to experiment with other evergreen and deciduous plant material not usually used to create Topiary to push forward Topiary into a new era.

Under development will also be some new & interesting shapes in both my traditional and unique genus plant material I will be using.