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Clipping Season

Bahco Topiary Shears.

We are now well into Clipping Season with a good flush of new growth that needs trimming as a result of a wet winter and a very warm Spring. This mid season clip could well be argued to be the most important of the year especially if your developing a new shape or restoring an old one. Clipping now mean’s the plant will side shoot and and thicken but continuing to develop height, this is great to fill in a shape like a head or a dip /hollow caused by previous bad clipping or no clipping at all. If you do need to fill in a hollow then every time you clip leave just a third or less of the new growth on. Leave any more and you will gain the height without the density you require for Topiary. To help you clip we have a wide range of shears of different quality and price whether your a Professional Topiarist, employed gardener or just enjoy clipping in your own space. Have a look at my Arthur & Strange Opinions on each shear and if your still not clear which one is right for you then we are happy to advise email me on

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