Hand Chosen Brands

Here at Arthur & Strange we strongly believe that every customer deserves the highest quality products on the market. All of our brands have been tried and tested to make sure they are fit for purpose and of high quality.

All of our products we use on a daily basis and believe they really are the best for their price and product category.

Arthur and Strange have put together a small guide to help you choose the right brand and product for your needs.

Our Chosen Brands

  • Bahco – Premium Garden Tools
  • Okatsune- Japanese Quality Tools
  • Silky – Japanese Pruning Saws & Blades
  • Jakotia-Handshears made in Greece
  • Nisaku- Japanese¬† Knives
  • Darlac – Garden Tools
  • Kamaki- Japanese Loppers
  • Speedweeder- British made weeders
  • TopBuxus – Box Blight and Prevention Products
  • Flexi-Tie – Tieing Merchandise
  • Uncle Peters – Handmade Garden Trowels
  • Vitax – Fertiliser Products
  • Wurth- German Lubricants & Sprays
  • Workwear / Hendon – Tripod Ladders
  • Arthur & Strange Ltd – High-Quality Sundries

If you have any questions about our products which are not answered in our FAQ’s section then please drop us an email and we will be happy to answer and assist.