Arthur & Strange 3ply Jute – 250g


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Arthur & Strange three ply Jute

In a handy small ball of 250 grams perfect for tying in climbing & rambler roses, other climbers as well as many other plants. This is product made from natural materials which unless tied very tight can give a nice soft way of tying a plant or stem to a wire or support with out damaging any tissue.


Arthur & Strange Opinion

We love using Jute for tying in plants that need annual treatment like Rambler roses, its a natural product and in this undyed form the colour blends in better and is almost unseen in the garden. We generally use this for knots that only have to last up to 12 months for anything longer than that we use Flexi-tie that we sell in 3 different widths also in the Arthur & Strange shop.

Top Tip

When using Jute try to keep it in a tin so it stays dry making a hole in the lid which you can pull the end thru this stops the Jute getting tangled up. We have a Youtube video on this site showing you how to tie Arthur’s Royal Knot which is the best way to use this product,the perfect way to tie in climbers and saves you money as well. Jute can dry your hands so remember to use hand cream after a day of tying knots.


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