Bahco Expert Trowel P263


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Bahco Expert Trowel P263

Bahco Expert Trowel is made from fully hardened steel with epoxy powder coating for rust protection and helps to prevent soil for sticking to the tool. It has a moulded round handle made from Polypropylene with a soft grip. Its has a wide blade ideal for putting in plants and planting bulbs.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

Bahco Expert Trowel P263 has come up trumps after some rigorous testing by my team and me, I have before tested several wide trowels made by various other brands and not been pleased with their performance most seem to snap on the point where the neck is welded to the blade. I have had no such problems with this trowel but then Bahco make quality kit, well designed so I shouldn’t of been surprised. The handle grip seems large to look at but in practice its very comfortable and gives you a good grip. I have at long last found a trowel I am happy to sell, not the most beautiful but it works!

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