Bahco Professional Ergo Secateurs PX


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Bahco Professional Ergo Secateurs PX

Bahco Professional Ergo Secateurs PX this is the fixed handle version of their Secateurs they also do the Rotating Handle version known as the PXR.  Built to professional standards but for anyone to use who likes quality tools well designed. These have many unique features not found on any other make of Secateur. They come in 3 hand sizes with a measuring guide to help you make the right choice. The blades come in 3 sizes for cutting different thickness no 1 cuts up to 15 mm, no 2 cuts up to 20 mm and no 3 cuts up to 30 mm.

The Cutting head is placed on different Vertical  & Lateral Inclination than most other Secateurs they almost look curved. But these clever feature’s keep your hand in the neutral position while your using them. They also have Bahco’s Slicing Cut & Evolving Bevel on the cutting blade which means you use less effort especially at the beginning of the cut which is often the most difficult.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

I used another well known red handled brand of Secateur for 20 odd years but not anymore, I actually use the PXR version with the rotating handles but other than that the same applies to both models. All credit to Bahco for pushing Secateur design further than anyone has for 20 or 30 years possibly longer. Until I used these Secateurs I never looked at my hand position while cutting, I do now. No longer is my wrist and lower arm under tension while I am pruning. My hand is kept in the neutral position. It also makes perfect sense that as all our hands are different sizes so should tool handles be different. Likewise with the blades if your only ever cutting small twigs and herbaceous material you don’t need the same size blade as someone who is mainly pruning large shrubs and fruit trees.

They even make a Left Hand Version in both the PX & PXR models so left handed people can have a Professional quality secateurs. Even the catch is on the other side and yes it takes a bit of getting use to but it works! It doesn’t go on by accident or stiffens & is hard to use.

These Secateurs might feel a bit odd when you pick them up but as they say the proof is in the eating or using in this case and its when you use them that all those clever features come into play.

If your still not sure come and try them on one of my stands at various garden events i attend with nearly all my selected products.


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