Bahco Splitting Wedge W-T-2.0


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Bahco Splitting Wedge W-T-2.0

Bahco Splitting Wedge W-T-2.0 is shaped like a normal wedge at the tip, to allow it to be easily knocked in to the top of the log but then begins to twist down its length. This twist splits the log the more you knock the wedge in. It requires far less force than a standard Splitting Wedge.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

This might sound like a gimmick but it really does work and work very well. I use the Bahco Splitting Wedge myself at home so very much tried and tested as with most of the kit i sell to be honest. Because its shaped like a normal wedge at the tip its very easy to get started but a couple of knocks and the twist in the wedge starts splitting the log open with ease and with a lot less force required compared to using a normal wedge. Its pretty solid thing weighing in around 2 kg.

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