Bahco Topiary Shear P52-SL-20


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Bahco Topiary Shear P52-SL-20

Bahco Topiary Shear P52-SL-20 is Bahco’s new top of the range Topiary Shear which is light, compact and well balanced with aluminum handles of 35 cm/ 14 inches and razor sharp blades of 18 cm/ 7 inches with pointed ends for better precision work & a sap grove to one side. The handles are slim and rounded allowing various different hand positions with rubberised long black sleeve for added comfort. Nice buffers absorb the shock & vibration allowing for prolonged use. The blades have a leather sheath to protect them when not in use and to avoid injuries. Weight 840 grams.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

I and Jenny a fellow female Topiarist who works for me were given several pairs of these to test for Bahco over a 6 month period which involved recording our usage, the effect on us of using them and our detailed opinion of this new product. To cut a long story short lets just say We Loved Them!

They very quickly became our first choice shear out of a bucket of shears I take to Topiary commissions. I already loved Bahco Shears but here Bahco have upped their game and produced something rather special. The blades are made from a finer High Carbon steel giving a much closer tolerance so an even sharper cut with a beautiful sound as the two blades swish over each other with less resistance.

The handles are one of most noticeable changes with slim rounded handles with rounded stops in the end these allow you various hand positions depending on the type of clipping your doing. They black grip is very thin helping to keep the hand grip area narrow on the slim handles and is very comfortable in use. Two great features from other shears the unusual widget washer that helps to prevent the blade nut from becoming loose as well as their lovely buffers which really make clipping a pleasure with no jarring to the hands or wrists.

To sum up, a wonderful shear for Topiary with a finer smoother blade, great buffers & slim rounded handles more often seen on Japanese shears but these are longer and ideal for Balls, Domes & detailed Topiary work. A Joy to Use.

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