Bahco Wavy Blade Shears P57-25-W-F


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Bahco Wavy Blade Shears P57-25-W-F

Bahco Wavy Blade Shears P57-25-W-F traditional hedge shears with wooden handles but with a Wavy Blades which help trap in the cutting blades soft or springy stems that tend to jump out as your clipping. 540 mm in length and weighing in at 1.020 kg.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

Ideal for cutting garden hedges if you don’t want to use a hedge cutter, the wavy cutting blades really do help to trap in springy growth that tends to jump out of the blades as your clipping. Robust & strong to give you years of service and could easily be used for a variety of other clipping jobs in the garden other than hedges. These Wavy Blades do work very well on plant material like Privet for example.


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