Darlac Bypass Pruners Fine-DP1034


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Darlac Bypass Pruners Fine-DP1034

Darlac Bypass Pruners Fine-DP1034 haveĀ  slim easy to hold handles, Sap groove and wire cutting feature, Locking catch with steel blade. Main feature over other Darlac Secateurs are the cut away nose allowing greater access to the leaf axis and narrow parts of plant more chunky pruners would struggle with. Ideal for summer work dead heading, cut flowers, cuttings and smaller shrub pruning. 20 mm cutting capacity.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

If your not needing to do heavy pruning work theseĀ  Darlac Bypass Fine Secateurs might suit you well, slightly lighter than normal pairs, not so chunky and better access to leaf joints because of the cut away nose. Or perhaps a great Summer pair of Secateurs which aren’t required to work so hard and cut such thick diameter stems as in the Winter.

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