Darlac Cape Cod Weeder-DP2543


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  Darlac Cape Cod Weeder-DP2543

Stainless steel hand weeder or small hand held hoe that can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions, excellent as a weeder in small borders and between paving.

Bamboo Handled Weeder/Hoe

The bamboo handle is made from 100% sustainable source replenishing itself within 36 months is very Eco friendly avoiding the use of any hardwoods.


Arthur & Strange Opinion

An excellent hand tool and must have to add to your gardening equipment, its like a small onion hoe with the shaft on one side allowing you to work around the stems of plants. It has a handle made from Bamboo which is as strong as steel yet feels like a traditional Ash handle in your palm. With the working part of the implement made of Stainless Steel the soil is less likely to stick to the tool.It also has a very useful thumb indentation allowing good purchase on the handle.

Fantastic in many of those nooks, crannies and difficult to weed areas for example like paving, gravel, rockeries also very useful between rows of vegetables and soft fruit.

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