Darlac Diamond Sharpener Fine -DP100F

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Darlac Diamond Sharpener Fine -DP100F

Darlac Diamond Sharpener-DP100F Fine for regular use. Use fine for pruners, knives, small blades, the sharpener is covered in diamond dust which allows to easily ‘dress’ for your Secateur cutting blade. Dressing is daily or regularly putting the fine edge onto your cutting blade. The sharpner is thin to allow you access all areas of the blade your sharpening.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

Darlac Sharpener Fine is great handy little fine grade Sharpener easy to use, perfect for daily dressing of your secateurs blades to keep them in tip top condition. Keep them in your coat pocket or tool box so there always handy should you need them. I use this Sharpener for just 20 seconds on my Secateurs every time I use them and its amazing how that makes my cuts so much easier. The key to this is little & often, don’t let them go blunt as that then takes so much more work to bring them back.

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1 review for Darlac Diamond Sharpener Fine -DP100F

  1. Finn Spicer (verified owner)

    The best thing about this is the shape – I can get right into the end of the blade nearest the hinge, something no other sharpener I’ve tried could do.

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