Darlac Expert Bypass Loppers DP1020


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Darlac Expert Bypass Loppers DP1020

Darlac Expert Bypass Loppers DP1020 have drop forged steel blades with 72 cm aluminium handles with comfortable grips. The cutting blades have deep sap groves which help to reduce friction. Will handle up to 40 mm thickness stems and weighs in at 1.24 kg.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

For a less expensive pair of Loppers these are pretty good, robust & tough with a good cutting action and those 72 cm handles give you plenty of leverage, so don’t rule out a pair of Darlac Expert Bypass Loppers which is the whole point of my website I try, test and evaluate lots of different tools as a Professional Gardener for this website. I work out what in each Brands line up is the good kit and only stock that.

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Weight 1.24 kg


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