Darlac Harvest & Asparagus Knife-DP951

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Darlac Harvest & Asparagus Knife

This unique knife has a straight tip which is designed for easy harvesting of asparagus. Sliding the knife below the soil and around the spear while drawing the knife backwards will create a clean cut for the perfect harvest.The design of the knife allows for it to also be used around the garden with cabbages, lettuce and leeks along side many more vegetables.

Arthur & Strange’s Opinion

The Darlac Harvest & Asparagus Knife is light weight and perfectly designed for a clean and sharp cut. When it comes to harvesting our vegetables we always make sure we have one of these at hand for a quick and efficient experience. But where this great bit of kit really comes into its own is in dividing plants, I you it to divide my ferns even my Bird of Paradise. Just place the knife at the furthest point away from you and cut back towards yourself, very curved blade with its serrated edge bites into the root balls, cutting it with ease even when covered in soil or potting compost. Wonderful tool.



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1 review for Darlac Harvest & Asparagus Knife-DP951

  1. Mary (verified owner)

    I bought this for friends who have an allotment, so haven’t tried it myself. It is lightweight and very well priced.

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