Darlac Lightweight Shears 8″ DP400


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Darlac Lightweight Shears 8″ DP400

Darlac Lightweight Shear 8″ DP401 a different style of shear with lightweight handles and 8 inch cutting blades made from Carbon Steel which you can replace, with an over length of 650 mm and weighing in at 713 grams.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

Favoured by some Topiarist for their low weight helping to reduce fatigue over a whole days clipping, this pair with their 8 inch blades helps to reduce the weight even further when compared to its cousin the DP401 with its 10 inch blade on reflection I think I would choose this pair for the saving of 240 grams and a better balance ratio to the handles. Replacement bladesĀ  are very unusual on Topiary shears.

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