Darlac Professional Wire Cutter DP39


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Darlac Wire Cutter

Professional wire cutter for up to 5 mm thickness with handles 19 cm long from this well known British garden tool company with a good reputation amongst the garden public.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

How often do will all find a piece of old wire that needs cutting and removing from a plant or a wall when we are gardening and how often are we all tempted to use our prized Secateurs to deal with it! I am sure we have all done so and regretted it, often damaging the blade on our Secateurs and not completing the job anyway.

Well don’t do that! Buy yourself a pair of wire cutters and always keep them handy in your trug, bucket or what ever you use for carrying your tools! This pair do the job in a simple way and are a lot cheaper than using your Secateurs. Perhaps consider a double holster so they are always to hand next to your Secateurs check out the two Okatsune double holsters I also sell on this site.

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