Darlac Rotating Handle Pruners-DP1031


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Darlac Rotating Handle Pruners-DP1031

A Rotating Handle greatly assists the cutting action, minimising the level of compression needed,reducing effort and stress on the hand particularly during periods of prolonged use. SK5 high carbon steel blade. The cut capacity is 25mm. There is an estimated 30% less effort required using Secateurs with Rotating Handles.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

I have been using Secateurs with rotating handles all of my working life and I wouldn’t be without them for the greater comfort, less effort required and less strain on both my hands & wrists. You fingers are allowed to make a far more natural movement as the handle twists with your fingers rather than them having to slide over a fixed handle. Yes it does feel strange to start with but it soon becomes second nature and now when I pick up a fixed handle pair it feels really odd.



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