Darlac Weed Knife – DP460

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Dalac Weed Knife

Darlac Weed knife suitable for clearing unwanted greenery around the garden.

The weeding knife if made from strong stainless steel which is complimented by a strong rubber handle for maximum comfort.  The tool includes a hanging loop at the top of handle for easily storage.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

I handy little tool I wouldn’t be without, such a versatile gadget that it is always in my trug or bucket of tools!

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3 reviews for Darlac Weed Knife – DP460

  1. Venetia (verified owner)

    I particularly like this weeding tool because it is not too big and is easy to handle. It is excellent for sliding under the moss which has grown between the stone slabs on my patio and can also get down to deeper rooted weeds. It is easy to handle and I like the rubber grip. the blade isn’t too thick so will slide into quite narrow crevices but at the same time feels sturdy enough that it won’t break. Someone has really thought about the design of this product. Great!

  2. Emma Anderson (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful little tool that every gardener would find useful. I have used it for weeding my cobbled courtyard and it has been fantastic. The blade is designed to hook under the roots so that you can pull out many of those stubborn weeds. Many tools seem to have huge handles but this one is perfect for my small hands.

  3. Paul Lloyd (verified owner)

    This is the best tool for weeding that i have ever used,the shape of the blade,means that you can get under the root of the weed,and ease it out,it is very well made,and very comfortable in the hand,i would recommend it to anyone,a big thankyou to Arthur and Strange Ltd,for supplying it,and for their great service.

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