Hendon Tripod Ladder-3 Adjustable Legs 6 ft



Hendon Tripod Ladder-3 Adjustable Legs 6 ft

Hendon Tripod Ladder-3 adjustable Legs 6 ft aluminum light adjustable tripod ladder. Excellent for working in more difficult areas with three adjustable legs maintaining a level working position. This tripod is 101 cm width at the base non extended and 125 cm wide when fully extended for maximum height.

Its storage height is 183 cm and it weighs 7.1 kg Its 167 cm high in normal position and 209 cm fully extended.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

Wonderful Tripod Ladders mine are in constant use and i wouldn’t be without them, 3 feet are more stable 4 and these models where all 3 feet adjust for height independently of each other allow you to keep your Tripod in the perfect stable position for a safe working environment for yourself. This is the baby model of the 3 adjustable legged Tripod but is so useful, you can pick it up and place in the middle of border to clip some topiary without disturbing anything. I run one of these alongside a 8 ft TripodĀ  which will fit in my van but really the best all around combination would be a 6ft & 10ft.

These Hendon Tripod Ladders with 3 Adjustable feet are one of the best new designs in the gardening world in the last 15 years, I agree they seem like a lot of money but let me assure you, your get a lot of ladder for your money. Once you have purchased one you wont regret it and simply wonder why you took so long to get one.


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