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Jakoti Hand Shears

Jakoti Hand Shears are made in Greece still by the same family who originally created them for shearing fleece but it wasn’t long before their Horticulture potential was realised.

The 5-inch-long bypass blades can remove more than twice the material with each cut compared to a standard pair of pruning shears, and the self-sharpening, carbon-steel blades make it easy to cut through even tough perennial stems with one hand. Speaking of hands…these shears work equally well for right-handed and left-handed cutting.

There suitable for all of these garden jobs plus many more no doubt;

  • Cleaning up the garden in fall, winter, or early spring
  • Shearing perennials to control their size or delay their bloom time
  • Cutting down ornamental grasses
  • Deadheading perennials and groundcovers
  • Harvesting herbs, lettuce, arugula, and other leafy greens
  • Clipping grass around posts and in other tight spots
  • Trimming topiaries, parterres, and small hedges
  • Cutting burlap, floating row cover, weed cloth, and other landscape fabrics

Arthur & Strange Opinion

These really are a wonderful addition to you array of garden tools, they are great for Topiary but also fill the gap between Secateurs and large Shears. Because you operate them with one hand (either right or left) it allows your other hand to keep hold of the material your cutting off allowing you to place it in a tub or bucket for a tidy job. They are simply brilliant for Perennial pruning and the end of season clean up of your border or Lavender bushes. They make light work of cutting back Nepata and Hardy Geraniums after the first flush of flowering to encourage  new growth and a 2nd if not 3rd flowering in one season. They are a must buy for any keen gardener or a fantastic present to one.

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