Nisaku Hori Hori Knife


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Nisaku Hori Hori Knife

Japanese Hori Hori Knife made by Nisaku with stainless steel blade, concave shaped for strength with a sharp point and serrated edge down one length of the blade. The blade has measurements in imperial and metric. The handle is very strong plastic with a good shoulder to stop your hand sliding down the handle.

The holster is ridged plastic with a rubberised belt loop attached.


Arthur & Strange Opinion

Wow what tool, its use’s are endless whether in the garden, hiking, camping, farming , forestry or countryside management. Its has a super strong stainless blade with a handle which affords a good grip and purchase on the handle when you using it vigorously. The holster that comes with the knife for storing it safely can be worn on a belt so its always by your side. What gardener or countryside worker or lover couldn’t be without a Hori Hori knife made by a Japanese company with a great reputation for making lovely knives.

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