Okatsuna Shears No 217


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Japanese Shears/Topiary Shears

Short handled, narrow bladed shears of the highest quality. The blades are made from Izumo iron sand first used in Samurai swords with Japanese Oak used for the grips. The blades are have a very useful leather sheaf for protection when not in use also keeping them clean and in tip top condition.


Okatsuna only make the highest quality pruning equipment for those that demand the best from their garden tools and want the reassurance they will continue to do so for many years to come.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

Simply the best shears I have ever used, beautifully balanced so easy to handle. Lightweight with short Oak handles keeping you close to the point of clipping.

The blades are short and narrow quick over larger areas yet wonderful for creating detail where it is required whether on traditional Topiary or on the Cloud shapes becoming so popular in this country.

The quality of the steel is simply outstanding, the tolerances of manufacture so small that these shears simply glide thru the new fresh growth of Buxus/Box.

They are a revelation to those using them for the first time, a thing of beauty created to give us the perfect tool to clip to our hearts content.

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