Okatsune Leather Double Holster KST 109


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Okatsune Leather Double Holster KST 109

Beautifully made Japanese double holster by Okatsune from very durable brown leather that will fade and get more flexible with age. The double holster is designed to carry your Secateurs & Snips at the same time. With a leather belt loop at the back of the holster so it and its contents will always be to hand as you work your way around your garden or workplace.


Arthur & Strange Opinion

These Holsters made by Okatsune really are a work of art and clearly show the craftsmanship that has gone into making them, it makes perfect since why have a holster than can only carry one tool when you can have one that will carry two. Okatsune have designed this model to enable you to carry both your Secateurs and Snips together so you can deal with anything that your garden throws at you whether pruning or dead heading. Snips tend to cut jute better than Secateurs so pruning and tying in rambler roses in the winter would be so much easier wearing this double holster.

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