Okatsune Leather Holster KST133


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Okatsune Leather Holster KST133

Beautifully made Leather Holster by Okatsune, equipped with a belt loop this holster is ideal for Snips and larger Secateurs its the perfect match for a pair of Okatsune KST 104 and will be a looser fit for pair of KST 103 secateurs when compared with the NR. 108 holster

Arthur & Strange Opinion

Holsters don’t come much nicer than these beautifully made from Brown leather which will fade over time and become more flexible, I wouldn’t be without a holster on all the time when I am gardening. I love my secateurs always being on my side ready for action at any time. Some of us like our Secateurs snug in our holsters and some of us like them to be slack in their holsters if you would prefer the snug option look at the size below which is the Okatsune Holster NR. 108 for your KST103.

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