Okatsune Whetsone KST412


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Okatsune Whetstone KST412

Ideal for sharpening all Okatsune blades, this Whetstone is made from fine P600 grit. The KST412 has one round side this is positioned so that the round side falls in the angle between the two blades. The Okatsune Whetstone is used in long strokes moving up the blade towards the point sharpening the 23 degree angle on the blade. The best effect is after the Whetstone has first been soaked in water.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

If your going to invest in a quality Secateur like Okatsune then you need to keep it in top quality condition and regularly sharpen or as we would often say ‘ Dress’ the blade which is simply putting the fine edge back on the cutting blade. Little and often is the best policy and this is a quality sharpening stone to match their Secateurs and Shears.


The picture above was taken just to show you what the Whetstone looks like, its not the correct way to hold the KST412 to sharpen that blade. Okatsune have a bit on their website about how to sharpen and the Whetstone is supplied with instructions of how to use it.

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