Silky Yoki-BillHook 270 mm No.57027


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Silky Yoki 270 mm

Silky Yoki – Japan’s version of our Traditional Billhook made with special Alloy Steel to make it light but very strong this allows the blade to be thinner reducing resistance but increasing cutting capability. Non Slip rubberised handle absorbs impact directing the energy of the swing to the cutting blade.



SilkyProduce some of the best  Pruning & Coppicing Tools that money can buy from a wide range of Pruning Saws thru to this brilliant item. Once again very good Japanese tool.

Arthur & Strange Opinion

Another brilliant tool from Silky this Yoki-Billhook light in weight but packs a hefty punch beautifully balanced its a joy to use whether slashing down some unwanted undergrowth or carefully laying a tradition hawthorn hedge in one of the many various county styles like Midland. The rubberised handle really does help to absorb a lot of the impact whilst maintaining a good grip in all weathers it even pulls off without any tools to allow you to clean the blade thoroughly or to replace a blade if you ever manage to wear one out.


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