Uncle Peters Trowel-16 Inches


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Uncle Peters Trowel-16 Inches

Uncle Peters Trowels are a unique and quirky company who produce handmade trowels suitable for all gardeners.  The 16 inch version makes for a nice hold with extra leverage than the small version while still being lightweight and uni body in design.

Why so Unique?

Uncle Peters Trowels are made from corrosion proof materials along with a simple iconic design which has no welding points or riveting. The solid Uni body design gives a sleek unique look along with a narrow blade for ease of entry into the ground. Made from Copper and Stainless steel both materials which wont rust if left out in the garden. Best used in well worked or softer ground where the Stainless Steel blade will help by reducing the amount that sticks to the blade. For tougher jobs like compacted ground or sun baked hard earth look at the Bahco Trowel we also sell made from hardened not Stainless Steel.

The Arthur & Strange Opinion

Arthur & Strange have been using Uncle Peters Trowels for a while and we believe they are one of the best trowels available at the moment. Made from Copper and Stainless Steel they look beautiful but are very purposeful, no joints to break, nothing to rust. The narrow slim blade is easier to push into the ground with less resistance than a standard trowel. Perfect for weeding and planting small bulbs, I have also found them very good for planting small plant plugs such a Cowslip into wild flower meadows.

The Perfect Gift

Uncle Peters Trowels are the perfect gift for a keen gardener, all our products are sent out in smart Arthur & Strange Packaging and can be complimented with hand written greeting cards for that personal touch contact us if you would like us to do this for you.

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