Wurth Ultra 2040 Tool Lubricant


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Ultra 2040

Ultra 2040 is suitable for Garden tools, Agricultural gear and around the home.

Helps loosen seized and rusted parts. penetrates and lubricates. Wurth is a German company which produces many great lubricants and sprays for all sorts of applications.



Spray using the supplied nozzle on parts that need treatment. Once applied leave the product to work for a short time. For more stubborn problems leave the spray on for a longer period of time and repeat the process.

The Arthur & Strange opinion

There are so many lubricants on the market, I have tried and tested many myself hence why I am happy to recommend this product which i use on all my hand tools like pruning saws, secateurs and shears. I firstly clean them with water, then if needed disinfect with Jeyes Fluid diluted 1 part to 9 parts water in a little hand sprayer. I then wipe that off and lubricate my tools with Ultra 2040 which has PTFE in it which really helps to stick it to the tool.

Top Tip

I even spray Ultra 2040 in my Darlac leather holster which helps to keep it supple but mainly lubricates my secateurs each time I put them back into my holster.

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